School Council

School Council


The Principal  Mr Daniel Vella

Four teacher representatives   

Mrs Kerrie Duan

Miss Emily Daws

Mrs Cassandra Cook

To be filled


Nine parent representatives     

Mrs Debbie Hartup - President

 Katherine Rhodes - Treasurer

Tania Celi

Tammy Hase

Haley Rapp

Maxine Tippett

Karen Foxwell  (up until end of 2016)

Peter Grivas

Kirsten Ridgeway



Meetings are  generally held  on the third Tuesday of each month at 6.30pm.  Parents are welcome to attend any of these meetings. The dates of Council meetings are listed on the school's website calendar and will be published in the school’s weekly newsletter.


Each year half of the Council positions fall vacant and an election process is held during Term One.


Parents and carers are also encouraged to become members of one of our School Council Sub-Committees.


Sub-Committee meetings are held on a monthly basis.


The four Sub-Committees of our School Council are:

School Development—Promoting the school, planning social events and fundraising.

Environment—Planning and organizing improvements to our school environment.

Curriculum—Approving policies, discussing educational issues

Resources—School finances


If you require further information regarding the operations of our School Council please contact our school via email or phone.