Our Facilities

Hamlyn Banks Primary School was established in the mid 1980’s after the amalgamation of Lovely Banks and Hamlyn Heights Primary Schools.

Since that time there have been many wonderful developments to our school. More recently we have been able to refurbish our library space and many of our classrooms to create inviting and purposeful learning spaces.

The centre piece of our school is the state of the art Visual and Performing Arts Centre which enables students to engage with the Arts effectively. We also have an indoor sports facility with a synthetic sports surface installed in 2014.

We are continually striving to make our school more modern and attractive with plans to resurface our oval, upgrade our original buildings as well as the playground equipment. Our environment is safe and secure with childproof gates connected to a recently added perimeter fence.

Students and teachers have access to efficient and up-to-date technology facilities with regularly updated and  highly secure servers that support our years 3-6 iPad program and Netbooks in Prep - 2.

All families and prospective families are encouraged to tour the facilities with the principal or assistant principal.