Capital Work Projects

Hamlyn Banks PS has had approval for Storm Water and Flood Mitigation works which is being supported by the Department of Education.

Please click here to view the project plans.  It is anticipated that works begin around Term 4 - 2016

The School will receive further notice about timelines etc. in the coming week but thought it important to prepare you for the disruptions that will occur during the works.

1. Car Parking, which is a challenge during pick up and drop off times, will be impacted on with the closure of the staff car park for a considerable amount of time. I will be developing a solution with the staff to ease the pressure but ask that families consider parking at the Western Heights Community Centre Car Park and walking up with their children, especially when the weather permits. It would be great to trial this now if you were able to! Indoor spaces will be more accessible during these times.

2. Reduced playground space will be inevitable with works to the oval and other areas of the school. I am negotiating with Western Heights College to access their oval and will work with the staff at the school to develop a plan to enable the students to continue to play safely and productively in the yard.

3. There will be a substantial amount of excavation occuring so there will be areas of the school that will become out of bounds at different times. We will communicate regularly about this and ask that parents assist at pick up and drop off times to keep their children safe by entering via the correct areas.

4. Due to the size of the project and the time I will be required to commit to ensure completion there may be times where I am less accessible than usual but I ensure you that I will continue to follow up calls or messages I receive from parents.