With a referral from a GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician your child will have access up to 10 sessions of counselling under the Better Access to Mental Health program.

Following the sixth session a progress report is shared with the referrer and if necessary a further four sessions requested. Session length is 45mins.


Sonia Panek is committed to emotional, social and psychological wellbeing and believes when this is achieved children can reach their fullest potential interpersonally, personally and academically.

Her methodology in working with children is viewing the child in the context of their family. Counselling sessions are usually always play based incorporating psychological focussed strategies and treatment. The best interest and safety of the child is always paramount.



For Information on how to access and the process of the counselling sessions, please CLICK HERE.


To apply for Sonia's services a few details are required.  Please CLICK HERE to access this document.