You will notice that there have been some changes to our school website and that a number of pages are currently blank. Our school website is getting a makeover. Content is being updated and pages are being re-grouped to make them easier to find. We will let you know once the update is complete as there will be lots of new info that may be of interest to you. The ‘Teaching and Learning’ TAB will offer an insight into what our curriculum program involves and how we plan learning experiences. We are also adding a ‘Learning Links’ page that will include a large number of links to engaging online learning activities that you can explore with your child. Another exciting development that is on the way is a ‘Get Involved’ tab. This section of the website will detail the range of ways our community can ‘Get Involved’ at our school. You will be able to look through the options and then make contact with the key contact person for that activity, event or task. Exciting. Stay tuned.