I want to remind families of the school bell times for arrival in the morning and home time at the end of the school day. Students are expected to be at school and in their classrooms by 9am each morning. The music plays at 8:50am to allow students to organize their belongings (lunch orders, water bottles, reading satchels, homework etc.) at the beginning of the day. Any students who arrive before 8:45am are to proceed to the school office. Students should not be dropped off and left in the playground without parental supervision before this time.

The playground is supervised from 8:45am for student arrival. The Before Care program dismisses students at this time. I have noticed a large number of students arriving well before 8.45am each morning. I am asking for you support to please not drop children at school before this time without supervision. If you need to drop kids off before 8:45 Before school care is available for your use. I must be able to ensure that all children on school grounds are appropriately supervised. We are responsible for children as soon as they are on school grounds in the morning and this is the reason for asking for your support with this matter. Similarly the home time bell rings at 3.15pm for afternoon dismissal.

A final bell rings at 3:30pm, and all children who have not been collected by their parents or carers are asked to come to the school office, where a staff member will telephone parents. On the occasion of a parent being potentially late for pickup time a phone call should be made to the office explaining this and the student will be called to the office area to await collection. Many students are being collected from school well after 3:30, meaning they are unsupervised in the school grounds. Again, I ask for your support to ensure that children are collected no later than 3:30pm. After School Care is available should you require it.


Mr Holloway