2018 Parent Payment Note


You should now have received your Parent Payment Note that outlines school fees for 2018 and student Book Packs. I’m sure you also noticed what looks like a big jump in fees. In fact, school fees have only increased by $24 for 2018. Here is how I get that figure. TOTAL FEES = $269. Take away last year’s fees of $185 = $84 increase. Now take away the Excursion Levy that is listed this year, as everyone has paid this in 2017 – just that it has been in dribs and drabs as each permission notes came home. So, that is $84 take away $60 = $24 fee increase.

Here is the breakdown of what the Curriculum Related Expenses pays for:


Diary $ 6.00

Mathletics access. $ 12.50

Mappen – Inquiry based Learning Online tool. $ 12.50

School purchased learning Apps, such as Book Creator. $ 4.00

Additional art and craft materials for classrooms including coloured paper, card, glues, paints, marking pens etc that are used for classroom lessons and project presentations that the student takes possession of. $ 25.00

Science materials and resources for classroom use. $ 9.00

Instrument replacement and maintenance for the Music program. $ 9.00

Sports equipment for the PE program. $ 9.00

Student photocopying, printing, laminating and book making. $ 19.00 Numeracy program resources and materials. $ 9.00 Transition Activity materials and resources (Whole school transition program) $ 5.00 TOTAL $ 120.00


In 2018, we are asking that you come to school and collect your child’s Book Pack and pay your school fees. The Book Pack must be paid for to be collected. For those families that can’t pay the full school fees on the day, we will have a payment plan form that can be completed. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions about the 2018 Parent Payments or Book Pack collections. holloway.nigel.n@edumail.vic.gov.au This is the note you should have received with some key info highlighted. If you need a new note, please contact the school office! 


 Refer the 8th November 2017 Newsletter


The new excursion expense that is listed will be added as a credit on your family account. When permission notes are sent home for each activity the cost will be listed. There will be a tick box for PAY USING CSEF and a tick box for PAY USING EXCURSION LEVY. In the case that there is credit remaining at the end of the school year, this will be carried forward and remain as a credit on your family account. We hope that this chance makes our families lives that little bit easier, not having to send in money throughout the year.